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Bease “1968” Official Breakdown

1) Why is the song titled 1968?

The song is a jazz/hiphop fusion, featuring a trumpet solo by yours truly and a speech given by former Black panther, Bobby Seale, in 1968. During the speech, Seale emphasizes the importance of employing power, being action-driven as a community and organizing all oppressed people to incite social change. Even 50+ years later, there are still many parallels between the social climate today and back then. This goes to show that there’s still much work to do as a society, as we continue the fight against injustice and inequality.

2) What made you drop the project on Juneteenth?

The release falling on Juneteenth was just an example of the universe at work.

I was so focused on recording that it wasn’t until after the release date had been chosen and the song had already been distributed to the streaming platforms

that I realized, “Hey... Juneteenth is the 19th!” (don’t kill me y’all lol). While unintentional, the Juneteenth release was timely for listeners and helped to propel the content of the record even further. One of the best “mistakes” I’ve ever made.

3) How do you want listeners to digest this track?

I want listeners to digest the song in whatever way it moves you to. Whether it be with a cup of coffee while doing work from home, with a glass of wine by the pool, or rolling up some... vegetables with the homies (10 people or less).

Enjoy and share with a friend!

4) Are you working on any future singles/projects?

Always! I actually have an EP dropping soon.. Might even drop this 1968 Remix I've been sitting on.

We'll see!

Thank you guys for all the love and support. Stay tuned, more vibes coming!

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