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The 'Rona files

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Quarantine day 31:

I'm beginning to lose the tan I did have, lunch breaks while working from home are getting longer by the day, and the pantry has become my new bestie. In case you're wondering, these are not good things.

As someone who loves socializing and the outdoors alike, adapting to life post the outbreak of a

pandemic has been anything but fun. Not to mention that business hasn't exactly been booming now that

most events/large gatherings between now and August are cancelled. If I had known 2020

was going to be like this, I may have stayed back in 2019 (lol). I will say this though.. Rona is also responsible for the last 31 days being the most creatively stimulating I've seen in a long time. They say "something good comes out of all bad things" and that "something good" for me, has been inspiration. While I don't have shows lined up, I've been dedicated to practicing and recording even more than I had when I did have shows. I'm hoping things turn around soon and that we can get back to life and business as usual; But in the mean time, I'll be in my apartment--hopefully away from the pantry--creating through it. I hope you find the inspiration to do the same.

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